These installation instructions are adapted from the OVX tutorial.


The best way to use CoVisor is by downloading our pre-packaged VM image. The file is large (2.8 GB), so the download will take a few minutes.

Your computer must have at least 2GB of RAM and at least 5GB of free hard disk space. A faster processor or solid-state drive will speed up the virtual machine boot time, and a larger screen will help to manage multiple terminal windows.

To run the VM image, you will need to install VirtualBox. Installing VirtualBox requires administrative access to the machine.


After downloading VirtualBox and CoVisor-VM.ova, open VirtualBox. Under File, choose Import Appliance.
Choose the .ova file you just downloaded and click Continue.
You shouldn't need to change any of the default configuration settings, though feel free to rename the machine. Click Import.
The VM should appear in the list on the left. Select it and press Start. Log in with username Covisor and password Covisor.
Proceed to the Tutorial!